Love N Care, Palo Alto Preschool

The favorite place of both busy parents and children is Love N Care Preschool at Palo Alto, the area's finest facilities for the education of prekindergarten children. Love N Care has won the support and approval of parents from all over the area. Love N Care is state licensed and their staffing requirements well exceed those established by the State of California. The teachers are professional educators whose teaching philosophies stem from leading childhood education authorities.

Love N Care features a rich and stimulating environment which allows children to grow to their fill potential while acquiring a positive self-esteem, a sense of moral values, and developing a life-long enthusiasm for learning.


Founded in 1983, Love N Care Preschool at Palo Alto provides both daily care as well as preschool services. For all your kids' day care and preschool needs come to Love N Care. We invite you to come by and see for yourself what a great caring facility we have here.

The Center's aim is to provide quality child care. Each day, each year, has significance for the person living it. One step isn't a substitute for-nor does it eliminate the next, any more than a busy Tuesday can eliminate Wednesday. Every increment of growth contributes to the child's readiness for the next move forward.

The schedule is a balance between freedom and guidance, group and individual activates, active and resting experiences. A flexible and relaxed attitude is necessary toward the schedule. Yet the child must be sure and develop a sense of order. It is important that the child knows how the day is planned and what happens next. Ideas such as honesty, consideration for others, cooperation, helpfulness, and good work habits are stressed.

The center is operated on a nondiscriminatory basis, according equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.

Open Play activities-indoor several interest centers are set up for use during the period such as:

  • Kitchen and housekeeping play areas
  • Blocks play area
  • Library
  • Puzzle tables
  • Table activities
  • Floor play with toy cars, trucks, etc.

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    Palo Alto, California